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Ripper Street Season 3

Four years have passed. Rose is now an established music-hall performer and Susan has financed a clinic. Abberline is keen to promote the recently-widowed Reid and replace him with Drake, also an inspector, but Reid prefers to stay in Whitechapel, building up resources. A gang led by a man called Davies bribes embittered ex-signalman Enright to help them rob a train but this leads to a head-on collision with another train on which Drake is a passenger. Fifty-five people die. Reid and Drake team up with Jackson to pool their knowledge and instincts and to arrest the gang. However the mastermind is Susan's solicitor Caldwell and she is shocked when he tells her that he did it to gain badly-needed finances for the clinic though she keeps his secret on the condition he returns the money. Reid has his suspicions about Caldwell.